Mātaitai reservation update

We are pleased to advise that all four application areas lodged for Mātaitai Reservation status have been approved and will be gazetted by the end of this month.

The areas are:

Locations of proposed mataitai

What does this mean?

For recreational fishers, right now, there will be no change. You are not excluded from recreational fishing, you are not required to obtain permits and it does not prevent non-Māori from fishing in these areas.

The status does not prevent access to the area to the area within a mātaitai reserve or change any restrictions to access private property, and only applies to those fisheries subject to the Fisheries Act 1996, being:

  • all marine species except those protected under the Wildlife Act;
  • all freshwater species except whitebait and sports fish.

However, the mātaitai reserve status does affect Commercial Fishers.

A commercial vessel cannot land commercial catch within a mātaitai reserve and cannot use holding pots within a mātaitai reserve. It can travel through a mātaitai reserve to unload fish outside the mātaitai reserve, moor within a mātaitai reserve even with fish on board and can be used for recreational fishing within a mātaitai reserve for the authorized time only and to the extent that a permit (s 111) provides.

Sustainable management of the resources within the reserve areas may require fishing bylaws to be put in place. These are made as recommendations to the Minister, who must approve them.

What about the other traditional fishing areas?

With the gazettal of four (Manakaiaua/Hunts Beach, Mahitahi, Tauperikaka and Ōkuru/Mussel Point) of our nine traditional fishing areas, work will continue on the remaining five areas (Jackson Bay, Open Bay Islands, Mussel Point, Barn Island and Ōkārito).

A further Mātaitai Reservation Application lodged jointly with Ngāti Waewae for an area covering Totara/Ross has completed "phase one" consultations with consultation hui held in Ross and Hokitika. Work is continuing in relation to this application.

More information about our Mātaitai.


Last modified: 07 November 2011

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